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Terms of connection

The IXP members can be ISPs, universities, operators of electronic communications services, content providers, government bodies, large companies etc., against fulfilling minimum technical requirements.

Every operator-provider that participates in the exchange of internet traffic through the connection point will be responsible for the provision and subsequent maintenance of the access line to the IXP communication centre.

When connecting an operator to the IXP, the operator is required to reserve the L3 device with the appropriate module for connection to the IXP. The L3 device must have support for BGPv4, IPv4 and IPv6.

In the first phase, an operator is connected to the IXP exclusively over single-mode optical fiber, with adequate connectors depending on the required capacity of the link (100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps). The connection using 1000base T-interface can be provided for operators who adjust their active equipment in the IXP premises.

One of the technical sine qua nons for connecting to the IXP is that the interested legal entity registered in Montenegro owns a computer network registered as an autonomous system (AS) with a unique AS number (ASN). The AS registration is made in line with procedures of the relevant institutions (RIPE in Europe).