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Connection agreement

Since all IXP activities need to have the legal and valid statutory fundamentals, it is required to enter into a service agreement with each provider/operator. Below is a draft of such an agreement that could be used as a relevant starting point.

Article 1
This Agreement shall regulate mutual rights and obligations of the signatories in respect of the connection to the Internet Exchange Point in Montenegro.

Article 2
The IXP operator shall provide the connection to communication equipment, space for  the accommodation of the provider’s equipment (up to 3U), connection to the power supply (network-uninterrupted), access to the failure reporting system, access to the reporting computer system.

Article 3
The IXP operator shall provide the provider with access to the computer system for limited monitoring, in the part relating to the control of the provider’s equipment.

Article 4
The provider shall provide and maintain the access link. The IXP operator shall, in accordance with its capabilities, assist the provider in the provision of the access link.

Article 5
The provider shall independently decide on traffic exchange with other connected providers.
The provider may decide that the signing of the Agreement means its acceptance of connection to all providers connected at the time, as well as with future providers that will connect to the Internet exchange point.
The provider may request from the IXP operator, once a month and without any charge, the configuration of traffic exchange with other providers under special conditions.

Article 6
To connect to the IXP, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses shall be used, as described in relevant documents. The IXP operator provides IP addresses to connect the provider’s equipment.
In order to connect to the IXP, the provider is required to provide equipment that fully supports the BGP Protocol version 4.
The IXP operator shall assist the provider in the proper configuration of equipment for the IXP access.

Article 7
Access to the room where the equipment is located shall be allowed to the provider exclusively in the presence of the IXP operator employees.

Article 8
The provider shall pay the one-off fee for connection to the IXP, in the amount of __________.
The provider shall regularly pay the monthly fee for the traffic exchange service in the amount of __________.
The provider is obliged to regularly pay the monthly fee for equipment accommodation in the IXP premises in the amount of ____________.
The IXP operator reserves the right to disconnect the provider from the IXP system in case the provider fails to pay the fees, subject to a 5-working day notice prior to the disconnection.

Article 9
In case of incorrect configuration of equipment, disrupting other users and/or the IXP itself, or in some other irregular situations, the IXP operator reserves the right to notify and then temporarily disconnect the provider from the IXP system.

Article 10
The provision of this Agreement shall constitute a business secret between the signatories.

Article 11
In the event of a dispute under this Agreement, the signatories shall do everything in their power to resolve the dispute out of court. If this is not possible, the dispute shall be resolved before the court in Podgorica.